Old Fruit Stand

Our Story

Scenic View Orchards began their operation in the mid 1800's with primarily a hay and grain operation. Through the years different crops were raised based on product demand and to allow for proper soil management practices. The farm has remained family owned and operated for the past seven generations.
Over the past thirty years, we have expanded our operation to include fruit trees, berries, and vegetables.

Roadside Market

We started selling produce from a picnic table in Betty's front yard.  From those humble beginnings, we have progressively expanded over the years; from a table, to a truck bed, to a wagon, and eventually to an air conditioned store with a blacktop parking lot.  Take a beautiful drive through the mountains and come see us everyday from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.  We open our doors around Sunday, May 21st for 2023.



Meet the Family

We currently have 3 generations of our 7 generation farm working with us.
We strive every day to make your fruit and vegetable buying experience the best part of your week.  Whether you come to our roadside market or one of our farmers markets, we strive to provide the freshest produce available.


Betty Calimer

Owner and Treasurer

Betty is the matriach of the current farm family. She spends most of her time keeping everyone straight!

Rich Hagerstown

Richard Calimer

Owner and Secretary

Richard is in charge of our wholesale division along with managing our Frederick and Washington county farmers markets.


James Miller

Owner and President

Jimmy manages our field crop planning, planting and harvesting. He grows some of the finest sweet corn around.


Richard Masser

Former Owner and Vice President

Richard started the fruit division of the farm by planting our first trees in 1981. He also started our first farmers market in Rockville, MD. Richard passed away March 27th, 2019.


Bonnie Miller

Fruitstand Manager

 You will find Bonnie at our roadside market every day of the week. Have a question? She will have an answer for you.

BM Headshot

Brandon Masser

Owner and Vice President

Brandon joined the farm in 2017 and continues his fathers work in the orchard. You will find him at our Montgomery county farmers markets.