New Online Store!

We will be implementing a new online store which you can access through this link or by the menu tree at the top of any page.  Add items to your cart and select which market you would like to pick them up at.  Please note that you will need to have your order in 24 hours before the day of the market so that we can have it available for you. If an order is placed and not prepaid, please pick up no later than 30 minutes before the market closes. Take note of our market dates and times before placing an order. Thank you.

Roadside Market

We offer a road side market on our farm that is conveniently open 7 days a week, 10 A.M. - 6 P.M., May 24th - Thanksgiving.  Please call in the beginning of the season; opening day will fluctuate based on produce availability.

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Farmers Markets

Come join us at one of our eight farmers market locations in Frederick, Montgomery, and Washington counties. We are sure to have a market that fits your busy schedule.

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Grosvenor Market


Scenic View sells locally to other farms, food distributors, and grocery stores such as Grosvenor Market in Rockville, MD.

Latest Annoucements


We will be at market despite the much needed rain, we look forward to seeing you today at the YMCA Farmer's Market located at 1000 North Market Street, the market will be open from 3:30-6:30!

We will have:
🍎Apple cider🍏
Honey crisp apples - by the quart & 1/2 peck
Cortland apples - by the quart & 1/2 peck
Gala apples - by the quart & 1/2 peck
Ginger Gold apples - by the quart, 1/2 peck & 1/2 bushel
Jonathan apples - by the quart, 1/2 peck & 1/2 bushel
Jonagold apples - by the quart, 1/2 peck & 1/2 bushel
Crimson Crisp apples - by the quart & 1/2 peck
Bartlett pears - by the quart, 1/2 peck & 1/2 bushel
Seckel pears - by the quart, 1/2 peck & 1/2 bushel
Asian pears - by the quart & 1/2 peck
Moon glo pears - by the quart, 1/2 peck & 1/2 bushel
Bosc pears - by the quart & 1/2 peck
Magness pears - by the quart
Yellow peaches (Victoria) - by the quart & 1/2 peck
Prune plums - by the pint, quart & 1/2 peck
Seedless watermelons (red & orange)
Fall squash (Honey nut, Butternut, Delicado, Acorn, Spaghetti & Carnival) - by the pound
Fall decor - Gourds, Baby boos, Jack-be-little
Pumpkins - by the pound
Corn shocks - must be pre ordered
Sweet corn - by the ear
Potatoes (Kennebec, Red Norland & Yukon Gold) - by the pint, quart, 1/2 peck & 1/2 bushel
Sweet potatoes - by the pound
Green beans - by the quart & 1/2 peck
Brussels sprouts - by the pint
Green & purple peppers
Jalapeño peppers
Hungarian peppers
Carmen peppers
Yum yum peppers
Oriental express eggplants
Head lettuce
Turnips - by the quart
Slicing cucumbers
Pickling cucumbers - by the pint
Tomatoes - by the pound
Canning tomatoes - by the 1/2 bushel
Roma tomatoes - by the quart, 1/2 peck & 1/2 bushel
Cherry tomatoes (3 kinds) - by the 1/2 pint
Sweet onions - by the pound
Kale - 1 lb bag
Collards - 1 lb bag
Kalettes - 1/2 lb bag
Swiss chard - 1/2 lb bag
Apples - sauce, butter & dried
Canned peaches
Honey & bee pollen
Flower bouquets - limited supply
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Our Philosophy

We believe everyone should eat fresh fruits and vegetables that have been harvested at their peak ripeness. Other farms try to do this, but only we achieve this while bringing the produce to you.

We farm a very diverse, 300 acres of land which includes a green house and high tunnel.  Soil preservation is a high priority for us; as a result, we implement a strict crop rotation of 4 years on all of our field crops. We irrigate our crops with an underground drip tape which helps conserve the water supply by applying small quantities of water directly to the roots. All of our farming practices are framed with farm longevity and sustainability in mind.

Come taste the difference with us.